Performance Solutions

Ecommerce Performance Solutions

Consulting services custom designed for your shop. Accelerate results with access to skilled technical consultants and Product Owners. Ideally for Ecommerce managers and/or owners who want results fast!

Shop Speed Audit

Full technical webshop audit, performance ROI impact analysis and actionable recommendations specific to your webshop. You will get a custom quote/guarantee for your Shop's Optimisation Sprint.

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Shop Optimisation Sprint

Custom performance optimisation for your webshop in just 1 development sprint. Bringing your shop's performance speed score above 80-99 guaranteed. core Web Vitals included. Sprint pricing depends on your current CMS customisations. The Speed Audit will make crystal clear your performance ROI.

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Performance Monitoring Service

Zinzo will monitor your shop performance and advise you proactively on all performance-related incidents, for €150/month (Monthly cancellation after 3 months). Additionally your team gets access to the Zinzo Performance Suite: several performance tools to easily manage your shops. Included are: create critical css, uglify js, automate performance benchmarks, image optimiser.

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CRO Audit (DIY)

Checklist Express is a Chrome browser plugin, that helps you audit your store from a conversion rate optimisation perspective. Get direct access to 300+ best practices from digital experts on CRO, SEO, Content and more. Subscription-based: from €19/m.

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Ecommerce Performance Services

For webshop owners, managers or leads who are in need of quality Ecommerce expertise and can use some support now!

Site CRO Audit

Full Conversion Rate Optimisation Audit of your webshop, funnel data analytics, +300 data points, usability and UX user testing. CRO report will offer concrete and actionable recommendations specific to your webshop to further increase conversion rates.

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Ecommerce as a Service

Regularly ecommerce teams struggle with sourcing, skills, expertise or simply an extra hand. Let Team Zinzo fill these gaps for all technical and/or operational management of your webshop and support you in business model and digital marketing strategy. We offer 3 supporting packages (bronze, silver, gold) complementing your team with ecommerce managers, product leads, technical leads in a flexible manner: monthly cancellation after 3 months.

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