We make your webshop fast in just 1 sprint

Fast loading webshops have great conversion rates and low CPA!

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70%* of all Magento webshops
have poor speed performance resulting in high bounce rates and low conversion rates

* shops having a Lighthouse performance score 60 or lower (Zinzo market analysis NL - 2022)

Do you recognise any?

Key indicators of poor performing webshops

High CPA in Paid Advertising?

Mobile Conversion Rates below 50%?

Bounce rates above 50%?

Negative business case?

Unprofitable ROAS results?

Over-spend on marketing?

Performance benefits:

Lower Cost Per Acquisition

Grow your e-commerce revenue profitable

Custom Performance and speed optimisation solutions for Magento ecommerce webshops for improved conversion rates

Improve Conversion Rates

Get better results from paid advertising

Lower bounce rates via Performance and speed optimisation solutions for Magento ecommerce webshops

Reduce bounce rates with 30%

Increase SEO web vitals for organic traffic

Boosting SEO web vitals with Performance and speed optimisation solutions for Magento ecommerce webshops

Who benefits most from faster site speeds?

Ecommerce webshops

All webshops with bounce rates above 50% and/or Web Vitals (CrUX) below 80%, will benefit directly from improved speed performance. ROI is based on paid ad spenditure: the more cpc spend, the bigger the impact.

Digital Agencies

Digital Marketing and/or Development agencies responsible for the success of their client's E-commerce can offer additional solutions using Zinzo's performance audit and custom optimisation services. 

Don't just take our word for it

Ronald Klijsen | CMO Loints of Holland

Ronald Klijsen


“The custom improvements to our webshop were done professionally, in close cooperation with our technical partner and delivered within 2 weeks. We immediately noticed the results in our analytics: in the first month we measured a 14% conversion rate increase from organic search and +81% increase on paid search."

Akke Pennin | Business and Strategy Lead IWB Agency

Akke Pennin


"The core web vitals changed from 60 (fail) to +80 (pass) following the performance fix to one of our client’s Magento webshop. Directly we saw the paid traffic conversions improve by almost 80%. Definitely due to the performance and also our Pmax optimizations.”

Guido Evers | Co-Founder Testa-Omega3.com

Guido Evers


"Zinzo addressed the legacy code affecting our shop’s speed performance, while developing some new features. As a result the performance score already doubled, with more improvements following soon."

Tim Dekens | Co-Founder TheChangeStarts.com

Tim Dekens


“The Performance Audit not only gave me practical insights to technical changes, but I also got important feedback how to improve the conversion rate in the buyer journey. Great value!”

Zinzo can help

Running an e-commerce webshop can be challenging, with many elements to consider in an ever-changing world. You may have marketers working towards high conversion rates and ROAS, while developers struggle to find time for refinement outside of daily support. Zinzo can help you optimize your webshop, using custom solutions and a set of performance tools. We're here to make your shop a success!

How we'll work together

Making your webshop perform

Shop Performance Session

Free 30 minute deep-dive into your webshop, analysing the performance (ROI) potential to your business strategy.

Shop Speed Audit

Complete technical site analysis with recommendations & key instructions how-to-implement and the ROI performance impact.

Shop Optimisation sprint

Get a performance score of 80 and above in just 1 sprint. Deploy risk-free from staging to live when fully tested. Benefit directly from Web Vitals with improved conversion rates.

Zinzo Performance Services

Team Zinzo can monitor, host and run your shop at the highest performance. Ranging from custom solutions to outsourcing your entire Ecommerce & development team, so you can focus on your brand and product growth.