We're here to help your webshop thrive!

Running an e-commerce webshop can be challenging, with many elements to consider in an ever-changing world. You may have marketers working towards high conversion rates and ROAS, while developers struggle to find time for refinement outside of daily support.

Zinzo can help you optimize your webshop, using custom solutions and performance tools. We're here to make your shop a success!

Performance audit as a start

Get specialised, indepth insights on the performance of your webshop, the ROI potential and advice how to address the core problems

Shop optimisation in 1 sprint

We guarantee your shop will have a performance score above 80 after just 1 sprint, including Web Vitals.

Performance Services

Following the site optimisation we can monitor the shop, support or complement your team and keep ROI and performance high!

About us

Zinzo is a technical consulting agency focussing exclusively on Ecommerce site speed optimisation. We provide custom performance optimisations for Magento webshops. Addressing the core issues with creative solutions and inhouse tools that help drive business success sustainable and profitable.

 Menno | Zinzo.com | ecommerce performance optimisation

Menno C. Lanting

Business Lead

Karim |  Zinzo.com | ecommerce performance optimisation

Karim Khan

Technical Lead

Ecommerce teamwork since 2011

We've been working together since 2011, when Karim saved the day by rebuilding Menno's first webshop. Following that first digital challenge we've build several custom solutions together before starting Zinzo.